5 Foam Roller Exercises

Is universally embraced by professional athletes and fitness fans who want to experience its almost instant benefits, which include improved posture, performance and flexibility of fascia, a connective tissue present throughout the body.

Most people have “hot spots” (or trigger points) that are located where there is a natural tendency for higher amounts of tension or inflammation. Each of these areas should be slowly rolled for one to two minutes (on each side where applicable). The speed that you perform each roll is important — it needs to be done slowly. Roll each area as often as you can, ideally on a daily basis.

Gastroc Roll
gastroc-rollPlace the roller at the base of your calf muscle, and put the other leg on top so that it applies downward pressure on your calf. Sit up straight with your hands just behind your hips and lift yourself up.

Shift your body weight so that the roller rolls up toward the back of your knee. Make sure you go slowly to ensure the roller has time to do its job. When you have covered the length of your calf, reverse the process.

IT Band
IT_Band_Foam_RollSit sideways on your roller and lean forward, bracing your arms. The leg being rolled should be extended straight back. Cross the non-rolling leg over, knee bent and planted on the floor.
This may be the most painful of all the moves, but try to keep the roller moving very slowly so that you get a prolonged period of squeezing against the muscle. When you get close to the bony section of the knee, change direction and repeat.

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