5-Butt-Toning Exercises

You’ve got 5 great moves that work the glutes from different angles. This is a great circuit to do for fat burning as well with the In and Out Jump Squats and Box Jump Burpees. Be mindful of your form, use my notes below to get the most out of these moves and be sure to modify wherever you need to.

Each move for 1 minute, beginner start with 0:30 seconds each and build as you get stronger. Repeat 3 times!

1) In and Out Jump SquatsIn and Out Jump Squats

  • This fat burning move is simple and incredibly effective. It’s a great warm up move and targets the opposing ab and adductor fibers in your glute max.
  • Begin like you were going to do a regular jump squat, with your feet hip distance apart. Keep your weight back on your heels and as you come into the squat, your chest lifting. Bending forward at the waist will engage your back muscles and not your glutes and quads, and can cause injury. Only squat as deeply as you can while keeping your weight back. I use a box or ball sometimes to aim my butt at – something that can really help you get your form right.
  • Explode up to jump and land with your feet in a sumo squat position, immediately dropping into a sumo squat. Be sure your knees point in line with your toes, and jump up again, coming down in a regular squat position.
  • Repeat!
  • Modify this by taking out the jump and stepping out to a sumo squat every other squat.

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