25 Surprising Muscle-Building Foods

13. Mussels: Just say yes to seafood, and especially these muscle-building mussels. High in protein and low in fat, mussels also contain B12, which is essential for active individuals.

14. Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Another source of monosaturated “good” fat, extra virgin olive oil is a great enhancement to your salads and vegetable servings when in muscle-building mode.

15. Turkey: Turkey weighs in as one of the leanest meat options available. Packed with protein, turkey paired with vegetables can make for a hearty and muscle-friendly meal.

16. Oats: Oats are high in fiber, yet offer low sugar and carbohydrate options needed for lasting energy when muscle training. Look for whole rolled oats and avoid processed options. We love starting the day with Slow Cooker Oats topped with blueberries.oatmeal-w-blueberries

17. Carrots: Not only a source of vitamins, carrots are also rich in fiber and low in calories. They make an easy grab-and-go snack raw or can be cooked as a side dish with meals.

18. Green Tea: Green tea is a wonderful antioxidant and diuretic that has also been linked to fat loss and improved blood circulation. A perfect substitute for coffee when in muscle mode! If you haven’t tried the Detox Green Tea you are seriously missing out. Give it a go already!

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