22 Kettlebell Exercises That Will Kick Your Ass

16) Two-Arm Kettlebell Military Pressmilitary-pressTargets: Shoulders, arms, back (Level: Advanced)
How to: Made it through move the kettlebell clean without breaking a sweat? Grab two kettlebells and clean them to the “rack” position. Then, press the kettlebells up while leaning forward at the waist so the weights are positioned behind the head. Bring them back down to the shoulders and continue pressing for 10 to 20 reps, depending on the weight you’re pushin’.

17) Single-Arm Kettlebell Split Jerkone-arm-kettlebell-split-jerkTargets: Shoulders, chest, back, legs (Level: Advanced)
How to: Start by cleaning the kettlebell to the shoulder, finishing with the palm facing front. Next, bend the knees and press the kettlebell overhead while jumping into a split jerk position. (Stay steady!) Return to standing while the kettlebell remains overhead, and then lower the weight. Aaand repeat! Shoot for 4 to 6 on each side for starters.

18) Single-Arm Kettlebell SnatchThe-snatchTargets: Shoulders, chest, back (Level: Advanced)
How to: Start with a kettlebell between the feet with the knees bent. Then, explode up onto your toes, pulling the kettlebell until it reaches the chest with the elbow tucked in. From there, bring the weight overhead (hold on tight!). Then bring it back down close to the ground—that’s one rep; try for 6 to 8!

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