How to Stop Eating Sugar: 19 Steps

5. Eat fat, says JJ Virgin, CNS, CHFS to help break the sugar cycle.quit-sugarIndulging your sugar cravings will only set you up for more failure later. Virgin explains that high-sugar foods cause blood-sugar spikes, leading to insulin imbalances. Follow this down the rabbit hole and you go into a nasty downward cycle of cravings, spikes, and more sugar.

Instead, satisfy your cravings with healthy fats. “Fat doesn’t raise your insulin levels,” says Virgin. “Insulin doesn’t acknowledge fat, and that’s just the way you want it.” She recommends having two to three servings of healthy fats, like avocado, ghee, or olive oil, at every meal.

6. Labels 101: Know the difference between marketing and nutrition, Marion Nestle, PhD, MPH, author of Eat Drink Vote advises.
“The food industry spends billions of dollars a year to encourage people to buy their products, but foods marketed as ‘healthy’ particularly encourage sales and, therefore, greater calorie intake,” says Nestle. She explains that research shows that people will eat more of a food if they perceive it to be healthy. Eating too much of even healthy foods is a problem, but often these ‘healthy’ foods are anything but. For instance, the flavor that you lose from taking the fat out of yogurt to make it “low fat” is often replaced with, you guessed it, sugar.

7. Labels 201: Do a quick scan of ingredient labels when making food purchases, says Pam Peeke, MD, MPH, FACP, author of The Hunger Fix.
If you have trouble deciphering the nutrition label, remember this quick tip: -ose is gross. “If you find high-fructose corn syrup, then that container should be gone,” says Dr. Peeke. “Anything with sugar, rice syrup, corn syrup, or an -ose (fructose, sucrose) as one of the first three ingredients. Gone.”

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