16 Shoulder Exercises

Barbell Military Press


Primary Muscle(s): Shoulders (All)

  • Sit upright in a squat rack so that the barbell is positioned overhead. Grab the bar slightly wider than shoulder-width.
  • Pull the weight off the rack and lower it down in front of your face. It should be slightly above your collarbone.
  • Powerfully press the bar overhead. Keep your core tight and resist any tendency to arch your back.
  • Hold for 1s at the top and slowly lower it back down until your triceps are slightly below parallel. Repeat for a full set.

Tip: Stand to up the difficulty and increase core engagement.

Landmine Press

Landmine Press

Primary Muscle(s): Shoulders (All)

  • Load one side of a barbell and stick the other end firmly against a wall. You can also stick it in the center of a weight plate.
  • Hold the top end of the barbell with your left hand and place it over your shoulder.
  • Powerfully dip down, explode up, and press the bar up overhead. Hold for 1s and lower back down. Squeeze your core and keep it braced the entire time.
  • Complete a full set and repeat for the opposite arm.

Tip: Crunch down into your core at the bottom of every rep. It burns.

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