Reasons to Cancel Your Gym Membership

Noise. People grunting, snarling, yelling. Quiet down! Exercising outside or at home brings more control in what sounds you hear. At home or outside, you can control the noise level. You can enjoy the silence, or you can blast your playlist and get in the zone with all your favorite tunes. Outside, you can enjoy the sounds of nature all around you. Kids playing, birds chirping, the rustling of leaves on trees. So peaceful.gym-quote

Distractions. The gym is a place to work, but some people never get that memo. With television and constant chatter, most people use the gym as a social club. You won’t get the results you want if you’re always distracted. The gym is your time to forget about all your other responsibilities and concentrate only on your physical fitness. At home, there’s no one to trying to have a conversation with you while you’re in the middle of your set. Outside, there is no TV to rob your focus. Get in your zone and stay there from start to finish.

Machines Are Always Occupied. You have your whole workout planned down to the cool down. You have a great rhythm going, and as you head over to your next station, you see a group of people working around it. It throws off your momentum a bit. You scramble and think of what’s next on your routine and hope that the next station you want will be available. Sometimes you have to walk across the other side of the gym to jump into your next routine, and you try to come back later. Sometimes you might just stand around and wait patiently. At this point, your body starts to cool down, and your heart rate decreases, so, essentially, you’re starting all over again. There are no stations for someone to occupy outside of the gym. You have all the equipment you know you’ll need for that specific workout. Everything is available for you to use as quickly as needed.

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