Reasons to Cancel Your Gym Membership

Guys Hitting on You. You’ve had a long day at work, and all you want to do is unwind by letting all your energy out through some weights, but “boys will be boys.” No thanks. You didn’t ask for any tips on the squat rack and you don’t care how much he can bench. All you want is to focus on your workout. You’re standing in front of the mirror doing curls and you see eyes gawking at you. Who needs that?gym-rules

Mental Strength. People love the gym because of the atmosphere. Being there gives them extra motivation to work hard to make sure their time and money is well spent. Some people say, “I can’t push myself as hard if there aren’t other people around me.” Those are just small mental blocks. Sometimes, you need to be your own competition. Beat your old self out and let the new you take over. Being able to overcome mental blocks on your own opens up a whole new world of possibilities. You feel confident, successful and more willing to keep taking things to the next level in order to continuously reach new heights in your workouts.

Freedom of Wardrobe. Workout clothing is made with the intention to make you feel good while you exercise. And you should feel good. Some shorts are really short, and that’s OK if that’s what you like. Others prefer wearing t-shirts and yoga pants, and that’s OK, too. What’s not OK is being made uncomfortable because of your clothing. Everyone has their own gym style. Whatever you style is, you should be able to freely express it without stares. At home, you can workout in your underwear (or in your pj’s) for all you care.

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