12 Ways To Burn More Calories While Running

  • Hills. Does your current running route have hills or is it mostly flat? Running uphill may slow you down, but it won’t slow your heart rate one bit. Try to map out a new route that incorporates some hills. Plus, the change of scenery will be a fun change.sweat-is-fat-crying
  • Increase your pace. Is your current pace a seven-minute mile? Try running faster to get it less than seven minutes. This may take a few tries, but you will be burning tons of calories in the process.
  • Add variety. There is no rule saying you should only run. Add some walking lunges, forward squat jumps or even some push-ups on the curb. This break up the monotony of your run and it will add some power moves that will build muscle, along with burning calories.
  • Wear weights. Weighted vests or ankle weights will make your run more challenging since you are carrying extra weight on your body. Start light and then if it’s too easy, go heavier. You can even hold small hand weights while you run if you don’t have ankle weights or a vest.
  • Push/Pull something heavy. If wearing or carrying extra weights is not an option, how about pushing something heavy like a jogger stroller or wagon—maybe with your kids inside? Again, it may slow your pace, but it won’t slow your calorie burn.
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