10 Yoga Poses for Weight Loss

Do you believe in losing weight through yoga in the easiest natural way? If yes, then you must definitely try practicing power yoga for weight loss at home. With so many fitness centers coming up across the city, power yoga has been lately gaining popularity.

Power yoga is considered to be one of the best natural ways of losing weight. It is medically safe and has no side effects. StyleCraze offers you information on the unique and best power yoga poses which you can easily practice at home.

Using dumbbells while performing power yoga helps you burn more calories. It supports your workout regime. Follow the simple and easy steps mentioned below and get started with an all new power yoga fitness regime!

1) Wind-Releasing Pose

This is a great power yoga pose for losing excess weight from the abdominal region and stomach. This is also known as Pawanmuktasana. Lie down on the floor on your back. Lift your right leg in upward direction at an angle of 90 degree. Fold your right leg from your knee and place it on your stomach. Press your leg firmly against your stomach. Hold it with your hands and press it. Release. Repeat the same with left leg too. One can even practice this pose with both the legs at the same time.

2) Cobra Pose

This pose is a great workout for firming the buttocks and toning the abs. Lie down on the floor on your belly, palms placed on the floor besides your chest. Lift your upper body up, chest off the floor. Bend backwards as much as you can. Look upwards. Remain steady for some time and release.

3) Bow Pose

Dhanurasana is a great yoga activity for toning and losing extra fat from your arms and legs. For this, lie down on the floor on your stomach. Bend your legs from your knees and lift up your legs from behind. Arch your back and try to hold your legs with your hands. Remain steady for some time and then release. Relax.

4) Side Stretch Pose

This asana increases your heart rate, burns calories and helps in reducing fat from your sides. For this, stand on the floor in straight pose, hands besides the body, palms down. Lift your hands in the upward direction and stretch them upwards. Bend towards your right side, thus stretching the right hand towards the right side from over your head. Repeat the same on the left side too. Relax.

5) Warrior Pose

Virbhadrasana is one such great power yoga exercises for weight loss. It is a good exercise for your abs, thighs and arms. It increases your lungs capacity as well. For this, stand on the floor in a straight position. Spread your legs far apart. Turn your right leg in the right direction and consequently turn your left leg in the same direction. Raise your hands in the upward direction and stretch them. Join your palms together in prayer position. Look upwards. Relax.

6) Extended Side Angle Pose

Utthitha Parsvakonasana can be of great help for those who wish to shed fat from the sides. Stand on the floor in a straight pose. Turn your right leg at an angle of 90 degrees; keep left leg in the same pose. Lower your body a little. Place your right hand on your right thigh; lift your left hand up in the air and stretch it towards the right side from over your head. Look towards right side. Repeat the same activity on the other side too. Relax

7) Eagle Pose

This is a very good weight loss option for those who dream of thinner legs, thighs, arms and hands. Stand on the floor in straight position, hands besides the body. Lift your left leg up, fold it from the knee and wrap it around the right leg. Lift your hands up, bring them in front of the chest and wrap the left hand around the right hand. Look straight. Relax

8) Pigeon Pose

Mayurasana is a good option for shedding extra fats saturated in stomach region. Kneel down on the floor and sit on your heels. Keep your hands on the floor, fingers towards your body, thumb pointing outwards and palms pressed against the ground. Place elbows in such a way that they are pressed against your belly. Straighten your legs from behind and stretch them. Lift your body up, on your hands and legs. Your body and legs should be parallel to the floor. Relax

9) Cow-Face Pose

Gomukhasana is a healthy option for toning your body muscles and losing fats. Sit on the floor, spread out your legs straight in front of you. Bend on the knees and place your feet on the floor. Slip your left foot under your right knee in such a way that it is placed to the outside of the right hip. Place your right leg on top of your left leg. Bend your hands from the elbow backwards & stretch it in upward direction. The palm of your left hand should be placed behind on your back & exactly below the neck. Relax.

10) Seated Forward Bend

Paschimottanasana is the best option of power yoga for weight loss especially for those who wish to lose belly fat. For this you just need to sit on the floor in a straight position, spread legs out in front you. Exhale and bend your body in the front direction from your waist until your hands reach your toes. Try to catch your toes with your hands. Rest your forehead on the outer side of your calf muscles or your knees. Remain steady for some time and then relax.

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