10 Ways to Exercise Without Even Knowing It

4) See the sights

NYCTourists-01How well do you know your local area? Set aside a day with friends to walk around the local sights, as if you were tourists. You may be surprised how many calories you burn in a day spent scurrying around on your feet.

5) Stairway to fitness

stairwayAn oldie but a goldie: don’t even think about calling for that lift! Dragging yourself up the stairs might seem tough at first, but your fitness will step up in no time.

6) Have a break

Situps while Watching TVGet into the habit of exercising whenever the TV show you’re watching hits an advert break. You can do crunches, run on the spot or even drop down into the plank position. Try to wait until your dinner goes down first, though.

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