10 Ways to Exercise Without Even Knowing It

No time for exercise? Try these sneaky tricks to work out with almost no effort at all.

1) Wash the car

wash-carGo on, it needs a good clean, anyway. If you’ve got a van, then you’ll really work up a sweat. Make sure to switch hands when you’re scrubbing to get a good, even workout.

2) Get off your trolley

Woman-with-shopping-basketNo, not like that! Opt for a shopping basket rather than a trolley if you’re not planning a huge shop, and really work your upper body. If you really must use a trolley, once you’ve bagged everything up, carry it back to the car by hand.

3) Spring clean in summer

cleaning-glass-door-of-furnitureYep, that’s right. But we’re not talking a regular dust ’n’ wipe here; we’re talking moving the furniture, scrubbing the walls and all that jazz. It’ll get your heart going, and you’ll be rewarded with a sparkling house!

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