9 Ways to Get Energized and Motivated When You Feel Lazy

Getting in shape tops many people’s New Year’s resolution lists. We all say we’re too busy to fit in a workout, but exercise doesn’t have to be such a time-consuming chore. The trick is to choose a fitness regimen that suits your personality and lifestyle. Who knows — you may even find yourself looking forward to your workout.

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1. Workout with a friend

Whenever I’m in a crunch with school or work, I find myself scrambling to make time for exercising and socializing. But these two cuties remind me that a friend can instantly turns a fitness session into a bonding giggle fest.

2. Walk it out

Take a few minutes out of your day to walk instead of hopping on the bus. Better yet, step out of the house whenever you feel stressed out or upset for a brisk and calming walk — and bam, you just squeezed in a workout (and a self-therapy session) without even realizing it.


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