8 Ways to Exercise While Watching TV

You wouldn’t think that watching TV and exercising go hand-in-hand, but there are a lot of workouts to do while watching TV. So grab two dumbbells, pour a glass of water, get your workout gear on and clear space in front of the TV. Turn on your favorite show or series, and get ready to sweat a bit. Enjoy all of the possible workouts to do while watching TV or just during commercials! (Skip any if they feel uncomfortable or painful!)

Leg lifts


One of the first workouts to do while watching TV is leg lifts. Lie on your right side, with your right hand holding your head and your left hand in front of you for balance, facing the TV. Slowly lift your left leg ‘till you make a 45 or 90 degree angle and drop it back to about 1-2 inches away from your right leg, still on the floor. Repeat about 15-20 times, then switch. I like to do 2-3 sets on each leg!

Leg scissors


Lie in the same position as leg lifts for leg scissors. Lift both legs slightly off the floor, and swing the top leg forward and the bottom leg back in one fluid, controlled motion. Repeat again about 15-20 times and switch. Trust me, they feel simple, but the movement is toning your legs and core as well as making you balance and find your control. If both of these are way too simple, you can add ankle weights!

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  1. I’m doing push ups ,sit-ups,many different dumbell exercises ,abs ,leg stretching,back stretching,running simulation,reverse dips,neck and middle section exercises with a bar and other no name exercises,with chairs and dumbells.

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