How to do a Bent Over Triceps Extension

If you want to make the most out of your time at home or in the gym, combination exercises like this bent over row with tricep extension can help you speed through your workout. This exercise helps you focus on the Lats, triceps and biceps. It’s a powerful, calorie burning move for anyone looking to maximize their time!


How to do:
  1. Stand with your knees slightly bent and your torso at a 60 degree angle.
  2. Now with the weights fully extended in your hand pull them straight up to your chest contracting your shoulder blades fully.  At the top of the movement –  make sure to squeeze your shoulder blades together for 1 -2 seconds.
  3. While at the top of the row, extend the elbow, straighten your arms and end with palms facing up. Hold for a minimum of 1- 2 seconds, then return to starting position.

For Fat Loss and Calories Burning
Perform this exercise 12 -15 repetitions, 2 -3 sets with challenging weight.
For Muscle Gain
Perform this exercise 8 – 10 repetitions, 2 – 3 sets with heavy weight