The 45-Minute Treadmill Workout for Those Who Bore Easily

Let’s be honest. Treadmill workouts get boring pretty darn quick, which is why we have to work a little harder to stay motivated. One way to do that is by changing your settings at different points throughout the workout. By doing this, you not only get a more effective workout – Since you’re not slogging at the same pace the entire time – But the workout feels shorter. Why? Because you’re focusing on very small chunks of the workout rather than thinking – Wow, I have to keep doing this for 45 minutes?

This workout involves increasing your speed and/or incline for short intervals before bringing them back down to a medium intensity. Increase or decrease the speed according to your fitness level and use the Perceived Exertion Scale to work at the suggested perceived exertion levels. Modify the workout to fit your fitness level, preferences and goals. Keep in mind, you can also do this on any piece of fitness equipment or during your outdoor workouts.


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