Top 4 Glute Activation Exercises and How to Do it Properly

Here 4 key exercises, which help you to build your glutes. Katie Crewe (@katiecrewe) says”When doing these exercises, you want to make sure that you’re creating a stiff, stable core to get stronger and protect your spine.

For glute exercises, I promise you you’ll see better results if you actually use your glutes ????. While the glute squeeze is not necessary for all exercises, for the ones where it is appropriate, your glutes straight up won’t contract properly when you’re in anterior pelvic tilt. – This is also a safety issue, especially when you start using heavier loads. My lower back was hurting just doing a couple reps of some of these with sub-maximal weight ????????‍♀️. – In conclusion, please do not fear a temporarily wider core and a squeezed butt. Learning proper form and not ingraining bad habits will serve you much better in the long term ????�

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Kettlebell Romanian Deadlift


Overhead Press

Leg Lifts

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