Top 10 Tips for Eating Healthy

Remove all the non-essentials from the kitchen of your home. You know what we are talking about. Cut out all of the cookies, candies, sweets and sodas from the kitchen and when you go shopping next, make sure to avoid those items. If you live with people who are unable to remove temptations from their lives, move onto tip number 2.

Keep the snacks hidden from sight

If the snacks are out of sight, then you are less likely to eat them. It is a proven fact that if you keep the unhealthy items in the rear of the pantry or in the back of the freezer, you are less likely to eat those items because you do not see them when first entering into the pantry or freezer.

Make up a shopping list and go shopping on a full stomach


The supermarkets and stores are made to make you hungry. This is how they make their money so easily. Did you notice that the candy and sodas are at the front of the store, well that’s because they know people are tempted to purchase those items either upon entering the store or when exiting the store.

Make meals up in advance

Your meals prepared at home can save you money and time. Also these meals that you make are meals that are healthier for you since they cut out more of the added chemicals that are dangerous to your health. Cook meals that are easily cooked and frozen and thawed later like soup, stew, chili or stir-fry. If you like a salads, try adding a protein to them like chicken or beef and a few other options like walnuts or pecans. If you would like something a bit more fun, try teriyaki chicken to reheat later and use on any of your fresh veggies. It will provide you with a warm salad and a good filling meal.

Make healthier snack choices and make them visible to the eye

You will want to make a prepared snack sack that has nuts, mini-protein bars as well as a form of protein like canned chicken and tuna. If you make these in bulk amounts, you simply need to grab a bag of snacks and go rather than looking around the kitchen for something to grab in a hurry which will most of the time be unhealthy. It will be a healthy option as well as an easy one.

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