7 Variations on the Plank

You probably already know and love the core-tightening power of the plank. But after countless sweaty holds, the honeymoon phase does fade. Need to spice things up? Just try these seven variations of the move straight. [su_box title=”Main Move: Plank” style=”noise” box_color=”#fff” title_color=”#2e383f”] First, here’s how to do a plank: Start to get in a […]

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5 Plank Exercise Variations

I love planks. There are few exercises that work the entire abdominal wall more completely than planks and plank variations. Today we’re celebrating all these plank variations by throwing quite a few of them at you… all in the same workout! I call it my “Ultimate Plank Challenge”!! Sixteen 30-second plank holds resulting in 8

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