10 Pound Dumbbell Workout

The last time you touched 10-pound dumbbells was probably while searching for shoes under your wife’s side of the bed. After all, light weights are for women and injury rehab, right? Serena says: “Wrong, dumbass!” Working both ends of the dumbbell rack hits a broader spectrum of muscle fibers and challenges your muscles in ways […]

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7 Exercises That Target the Triceps

Tone up your triceps! Everyone wants powerful, well-defined, and sculpted arms.  Triceps make up roughly 2/3 of the muscle mass in your arms, so strengthening them should be your number one priority if you’re looking to score beautiful arms before warmer weather arrives. The Triceps Tone It Up Workout, for all fitness levels, will give you the

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Dumbbell 20-Minute Fat Loss Workout

This workout is for the more advanced crowd– or those who are ready to increase their heart rates and encourage muscle burn! This fat loss routine is based on the theory behind Spartacus Workouts that feature metabolic circuits, meaning that this workout is a fast-paced workout routine that combines weight lifting and cardiovascular exercises simultaneously, boosting

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