Simple Back Workout

Back exercises that help prevent back pain, eliminate back fat and strengthen and condition your back. Cow-Cat Variation Get your doctor’s okay before starting these strengthening and conditioning exercises. Reduces stiffness in back and hips; relieves tension in spine Cow Pose: On hands and knees, inhale and lift head while making back concave. Cat Pose: On […]

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Exercises to Build Back Muscles

To get tstrong back, you need to have the right workout program with good back workouts. Also, you’re gonna need a pair of dumbbells and a bar. In the gym, there are many machines for back workout, but you should know how to use them right. So, step by step I’m gonna guide you through my full back workout routine. I

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5 Ways to Eliminate Back Fat

Back bulge around the bra area and that pesky muffin top plague plenty of women, and there are lots of ways to feel more confident in your own skin with a little extra effort. Spot-reducing doesn’t work — but these healthy tips can help you achieve the results you’re after! [su_box title=”Bump Up Your Cardio”

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5 Ways to Eliminate Back Fat

All set to acquire your gorgeous back… with a sexy back? A strong back is an effective property on a lady and also a problem area we hear oftentimes grievances concerning. That else is despising the back fat bra bulge?! Grab a BOSU ball, stability round and a couple 5 to 10-pound dumbbells and also

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