8 Simple Rules To Stay Slim

Forget the diet myths and miracle fixes – nutritionist Janie Buchanan, author of “Eat Well, Sleep Plenty, Lose Lots ” reveals the real way to shift fat for good.

So, what is the secret to staying slim? It’s the question that fuels the sales of myriad fad diet books, exhausting exercise videos and whizzy smartphone apps. But the truth is being able to lose weight and keeping it off isn’t about adopting the latest quick fix.

Instead, follow these eight smart but simple stay-slim strategies and you need never eat cabbage soup again.

[su_box title=”1) Balance your blood sugar” style=”noise” box_color=”#fff” title_color=”#2e383f”]


Why? If you can keep your blood sugar stable, your weight will be stable, too. This is because blood sugar that goes up and down like a roller coaster promotes fat storage. Stable blood sugar helps you burn fat and reduces sugar cravings.

How? To balance blood sugar, adopt a low-GI diet, which means eating foods that release sugar into the blood slowly. Swap white bread, pasta and rice for wholegrain varieties. Eat more vegetables and beans, and go easy on the sweet fruit and fruit juices.[/su_box]

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