7 Tips for Running in the Heat

It’s officially spring! If you’re in NJ or around here on the east coast, you may have been getting 80 degree weather the past few days. Crazy, I know! I’d like a little spring time weather before jumping into summer, thank you very much…

Well, the weather reminded me of summer time running and how that is upon us now. After months of training in the cold, and layering up (in 3 degree weather), I am so ready to be running in shorts and a t-shirt! I am ready to sweat! I was reminiscing on last summer’s running during a heat wave…not pretty, but I love it so much more than running in the cold!

I have done runs in close to 100 degree weather before and just love it. As long as I get a nice shower after!

Junge joggerin läuft auf berg

So how do you adjust to running in warmer weather after winter training?

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