7 Variations on the Plank

You probably already know and love the core-tightening power of the plank. But after countless sweaty holds, the honeymoon phase does fade. Need to spice things up? Just try these seven variations of the move straight.

[su_box title=”Main Move: Plank” style=”noise” box_color=”#fff” title_color=”#2e383f”]Planks

First, here’s how to do a plank: Start to get in a pushup position, but bend your elbows and rest your weight on your forearms instead of on your hands. Your body should form a straight line from your shoulders to your ankles. Brace your core by contracting your abs as if you were about to be punched in the gut.[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Plank to Pushup” style=”noise” box_color=”#fff” title_color=”#2e383f”]Up-Down-Plank

Get into plank position. Press your body up into the top position of a pushup by extending your arms one at a time. Pause, then reverse the movement and return to your elbows. That’s 1 rep.[/su_box]

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