Best Muscle Building Exercises

3) Crush-Grip Dumbbell Bench Press

Crushing the dumbbells together while slowing the tempo increases the tension across the chest, shoulders, triceps, and upper back. More time under tension will immediately increase the muscle-building and natural hormone-release effect.crush-dumbbell-bench-press

Sit on the end of a flat bench holding a pair of dumbbells. Lie back and hold the dumbbells over your chest, arms extended, with the insides of the dumbbells touching. as you lower the weights toward your chest, press them together as hard as possible. When they reach your chest, lift the weights back up, still pressing them together. Keep the rep speed slow.

4) Wide-Grip Upright Row

Wide-grip upright rows can be a great deltoid builder if used correctly.up-right-row

Stand holding a barbell in front of your thighs with your arms fully extended and your hands outside shoulder width. With your knees slightly bent, pull the bar straight up your body, bending your elbows, until it reaches chest height. as you lift the bar, don’t let your shoulders shrug up; keep them depressed to maintain tension in the delts. Hold the contraction at the top for a count, then lower back down.

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