5 Things You Don’t Know About Body Fat

Fat is part of your body; it’s just a fact. No matter how big or small you are, it’s there, and there’s not a lot you can do about it, nor should you. After all, fat itself isn’t bad. It’s something your body desperately needs to complete its basic functions everyday.

Part of the reason we’re scared of “fat” is the negative associations we’ve all been conditioned to have with the word. We tend to think of a derogatory adjective even when we’re talking about a harmless noun.

So let’s talk about that noun and why you should reevaluate the way you think of fat.

1. Once You Are An Adult, The Number of Fat Cells You Have Is Set

Fat Percentage of Body

Body Fat Percentage

The cycle of creation and destruction of fat cells is a constant in everyone, but in general, the body tends to remain below a “fixed” limit of fat cells, the number of which is set during our teens. That is why the prevention of childhood obesity is so important.

Use this fact as a way to get rid of any unrealistic and unhealthy expectations you have set for yourself. Realize that nothing you do will ever get rid of all the fat cells in your body, and if it did, that would be a really bad thing.

One exception is that prolonged overeating in adulthood can occasionally push you over your limit. If you find yourself engaging in unhealthy binge behavior, seek help from a medical professional to keep your body at equilibrium.

2. Liposuction Is Not the Savior It’s Proclaimed to Be 

Did you know that liposuction is the most common cosmetic surgery in the whole world? And that is really sad when you find out that it doesn’t have lasting effects.


Removing the giant sum of 20 percent of your total body fat will definitely make you “smaller,” but it doesn’t:

  • improve your body’s insulin sensitivity
  • reduce your risk for cardiovascular disease

And studies have shown that unless liposuction patients take the necessary steps to live healthier lives, the removed fat mass will come crawling back within one year.