Jen Selter Exercises For Stunning Butt

Jen Selter says that she has never had a personal trainer in her life. Instead, she just watched what the trainers in her gym would have their clients do. She would put what she saw to action in her own workouts. Jen’s hard work has lead to her fame. She now has what many people call the “Best Butt on Instagram.” The Jen Selter workout comes from her posts on Facebook, where she shares her workouts.

Before Jen Selter’s workout, it’s important to see why she has enjoyed such a rise in popularity. It’s not only due to her workout program, but more importantly her Instagram posts and resulting #belfies. She is also famous for #seltering.

Jen says: I was never one to use many hash tags, but i needed a unique way of branding myself and something to call my unusual pictures, like climbing up walls and stuff.

The Jen Selter workout is focused on toning and leaning out her legs, butt, and abs. The best exercise for this, she says, are squats, as Jen says: Squats are a girl’s best friend. Squats work your core, your glutes and they keep your legs toned. They especially strengthen the muscles around our knees. My overall fitness goals are to look tone and lean, so I‘m not trying to build muscle or gain weight. jen-selter-big-booty

Jen Selter Monday Workout

Here’s the Jen Selter Monday Workout. It mostly works the legs and butt:

Exercise Sets Reps Rest Notes
Wide Dumbbell Squats 4 15 30 secs 30 secs rest
Squats Thrust Twist 4 15 30 secs between each set
Walking Lunges 4 20 30 secs 1 min rest
Bosu Ball Squats 4 15 30 secs between each set
Medicine Ball Squats 4 15 30 secs exercise
Plyometric Squat Jump 3 12-15 30 secs
Donkey Kicks 4 15 30 secs 15 reps per leg
Leg Abductors (Adductors) 4 12-15 30 secs

Finish with 30-45 minutes of cardio on your favorite machine. Add an incline to work your butt. Use 2-3 different machines if you get bored easily. Also, make sure to have a playlist handy so you can keep focused.