How to Get Bigger Hamstrings

Standing (Seated) Leg Curlsstanding-leg-curls

When you are attempting to reach your goal to develop some muscularity and definition, you will not only have to do the heavier, power movements such as the dead lift, but you will also need to add some isolation movements into your fitness repertoire. While the seated/laying and standing leg curl can both be extremely effective in helping define the hamstrings, the standing leg curl allows you to work each hamstring individually and has the ability to target different angles. Even if you’re ambidextrous and try to use each leg equally, just like with your arms, one leg will naturally be stronger than the other. The standing leg curl Isolation movement will permit you to train each leg to it’s own failure point and not just to when the stronger leg gives out when working both legs simultaneously with the seated/laying leg curl. Isolation movements are not designed to build big muscle, but rather to mold and define them. So more sets and repetitions are in order, as your focus should be form and volume. Four sets of 12 to 15 reps would be a good starting point for this movement.

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