Exercises to Build Back Muscles

To get tstrong back, you need to have the right workout program with good back workouts. Also, you’re gonna need a pair of dumbbells and a bar. In the gym, there are many machines for back workout, but you should know how to use them right. So, step by step I’m gonna guide you through my full back workout routine.

I toned my back perfectly with these amazing back workouts. They are really effective and body sculpting. These workouts will pop out the muscles on your back, making it a piece of art. You can try it and see for yourself! Get ready for the best back workout routine you can have!

Pull Downs

Now let’s start from the beginning. Back is one pretty big muscle group. So because of that you should start with the first part, and that is the upper back that is the muscle called Rottator Cuff. And the best exercise for these upper back muscles, are the pull downs. The pull down is and exercise that can be preformed on the pull down gym machine.

There are many ways to actually perform this exercise. There are different styles to do that, but my favorite is the wide grip pull down! I actually prefer to always start with this particular exercise.

Wide-Grip Pulldown Wide-Grip PulldownThe first exercise you want to perform is actually the wide grip pulldown. The wide-grip pulldown behind the neck is one of the best exercises you can do for your back muscles. It will give you sexy and glowing look on your upper back. So, this is the first STARTING exercise that you want to do, in your full back workout. You should do the wide grip every single training, and always as a first – starting exercise!

Front Lat PulldownFront Lat PulldownThe second exercise is the front lat pull down exercise. This is also another variation of a pull down that you can perform on this amazing machine. This one is for your back muscle that is called  latissimus dorsi, or as we all call them, the lats. I love the lats! They are located on the sides of your middle back, going down to the lower back. They actually look like wings, if they are of course well trained. I always tend to say “Red Bull doesn’t give you wings, lat pulldowns do!” Well what can I say when this exercise just rocks! You can also do them with your hands a little bit closer. It will give you perfect results.

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