5 Exercises You Should Do For The Rest Of Your Life

As a doctor of physical therapy, I see a lot of different patients for a lot of different reasons. Sure there are some with sprains, strains, bumps, and bruises, but would it surprise you to hear that the vast majority of people that I see in my clinic have pain/discomfort simply because they’re weak?! No kidding! It’s amazing to me that I could literally cut my patient load in half if people would just spend 10 minutes of their day doing a little strength training. Today I’m sharing with you 5 exercises that you could literally do every day to strengthen key muscle groups in your body to avoid pain and maximize function. Here we go!

With this post I want to share not only these exercises, but also give you some recommendations for sets/reps to make it more of a comprehensive workout. That being said, the numbers I give you below are a baseline – that’s the bear minimum I would recommend. If you have no more time (or no more strength!) than to perform the recommended number you’re still getting a little focused activity into those key muscle groups.



Essential for the legs, hips and core. One of my most-recommended exercises for everyone from low back pain to runners. 15 reps

Push Ups


The best bodyweight exercise out there for the chest, shoulders, and arms. 10 reps

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