Building Beautiful Shoulders

Rear Deltoid Cable RowsRear Deltoid Cable Rows

Get Set: Set the cable pulley about shoulder height with a rope attached. Take a few steps back to get tension in the pulley. Set feet in a shallow lunge position.
Work: Pull elbows back and slightly up, thinking about initiating the exercise with the rear deltoid and not the hands. Slowly release the weight, keeping body stable.

Tip: To keep this exercise out of your trapezius muscle and in your deltoid, keep your neck relaxed and your shoulders pressed down.

Switch it up: This exercise can also be performed seated on a bench.

Seated Top-Hold Dumbbell PressesSeated Top-Hold Dumbbell Presses

Get Set: Sit on bench and hold dumbbells at shoulder height with elbows out to the sides and palms facing forward.

Work: Lift one dumbbell straight up and hold it. Then, lift the other arm. Once the second arm reaches the top position, lower the first arm. Continue this alternating press with a brisk but controlled pace until all reps are complete.

Tip: Don’t lock out the elbow in the top position, as this transfers work to the triceps.

Seated Side (Front) RaisesSeated SideFront Raises

Get Set: Sit on a bench with your feet extending out in front and your torso erect.

Work: Complete a side lateral raise and then a front raise. That is one rep. When performing the front raise, make sure the dumbbells pass in front of your face rather than out to the side.

Tip: You will need a lighter weight than what you usually use for lateral or front raises, as sitting on the bench with the feet extending minimizes momentum, making the movement more difficult.