Building Beautiful Shoulders

If you’re anything like me, you spend endless hours lunging and squatting to create a tight, curvy lower body. But, guess what? A sexy body isn’t just about the butt and legs. Broad, beautiful shoulders are needed to achieve thathourglass shape that has defined sexy for generations. By simply developing the shoulders, a waist appears smaller, a thicker lower body looks more balanced, and goddess-like proportions become a reality. Not bad, huh?

Besides creating that hourglass shape, developed shoulders complement our wardrobe. A little definition and roundness goes a long way to amp up our favorite shoulder-baring garb, especially during the summer when we’re sporting bikinis and tank tops!

So, if you want that hourglass physique and divine deltoids for summer, you need the Sexy Shoulder Workout. This muscle-building and toning program will sculpt gorgeous, sleek shoulders— perfect for all your favorite tank top, strappy and strapless looks!

Defining the Delt

The focus of this workout is developing the deltoids— the triangular muscle covering the shoulder joint. The deltoid is compromised of three heads: the anterior (front delt), the medial (side delt) and the posterior (rear delt). Together, these muscles rotate and lift the arm, making everyday activities, like picking up your pup, possible.

To sculpt sexy shoulders, it’s critical to develop all three heads of the muscle. Doing so will help you achieve those sexy, round shoulders, which are a universal sign of fitness. Conversely, if all the heads are not developed, you can look flat from one or more angles.

In addition to creating a balanced appearance, strengthening all three heads is essential for injury prevention. Since all the shoulder muscles work together, when one is under or overdeveloped, you leave yourself vulnerable to shoulder injury as well as discomfort in adjoining muscles like the back and neck.

What to Expect

This Shoulder workout was designed to develop each deltoid muscle, so you can enjoy sleek, round and injury-free shoulders. In the initial straight sets, you will work on building your strength and muscle. So, make sure to lift as heavy as you can while still being safe and completing all the reps.shoulder-plan

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