Summer Butt Workout That Will Get Your Booty Bikini Ready

It’s no secret, the dynamic duo known as “Base Body Babes” are well, total BABES. Not only that, but they’re experts in what they do. The personal trainer sisters who specialise in training women, not only live and breathe a healthy and fit lifestyle, they are passionate about helping women all over the world achieve their health and fitness goals. So, when it came to finding the right advice on how to build a booty (like Beyonce), we knew Diana and Felicia were the perfect people to show us how.

How to:
  • Perform each exercise back to back 1-6.
  • Complete 12 reps per exercise
  • Rest for 120 Seconds after each circuit
  • Repeat circuit 4-6 times

Good morning


  1. Place the bar on your back in a low bar position
  2. Squeeze the upper back muscles tight creating a platform for the bar to sit on
  3. Like a hip hinge – bend forward keeping your knees slightly bent
  4. Keep your head down, looking down on the way down
  5. Bend down as deep as you can, aiming to get your chest as close to parallel to the ground as possible while still maintaining tightness in your body and a neutral spine.
  6. Keeping the bar firmly on your back, stand back up again and repeat movement

Low bar back squat


  1. Holding the barbell with your hands, place the barbell on the muscles of your upper back (trapezius) and squeeze the shoulder blades together to engage the muscles of your upper back so the bar is secure.
  2. Stand with your feet slightly wider than your shoulders and toes pointing slightly outwards, the feet must remain flat on the floor throughout the entire movement.
  3. Keep your chest up and look straight ahead.
  4. Squat as deep as your body will allow while still maintaining a neutral spine and perfect posture.
  5. Stand back up and repeat the movement again.

If it is difficult to maintain correct posture and squat to full depth (below parallel), elevate your heels with a 1 inch block of some sort or some small weights plates.