Popular Types of Aerobics Dance

When we speak of aerobics dancing, we are referring to ballet, jazz, Zumba and so much more. They are usually called workouts with low impact because they are slow paced compared to other aerobic workouts. Because of this, they are great options for those who are pregnant, obese or the elderly.

However, it isn’t necessary that an aerobic dance always has to be of low impact! You can also find some cool aerobics videos that promote high intensity and healthy workouts for your body. It will rejuvenate your system, increase blood circulation, and make you feel good from the inside. With that said, let’s go through the different types of aerobic dances making waves these days.

[su_box title=”1) Zumba” style=”noise” box_color=”#fff” title_color=”#2e383f”]zumba

The first and most interesting kind of Aerobic Dance is Zumba. It is a great fitness program that combines Latin, International, and Salsa music with some amazing and fun filled dance moves. You will find interval training, resistance training, and strength training. There will be slow and fast rhythms alternating throughout so that you can keep burning calories.

Zumba is not just for people who can dance. Anybody can practice it! The steps are simple yet heart pumping and fun. Not only will you enjoy the workout but also shed those extra kilos sooner than you can imagine! Zumba comes with a whole lot of benefits:

  • Tones Your Entire Body
  • It Makes You Come Back. Workouts that make you enjoy yourself always manage to convince you to come back and try them again
  • Gives You Great Results. There are many women who have lost over 50 pounds by doing Zumba
  • Great for All Ages
  • Reduces Stress
  • Easy to Find. Almost every metropolitan city in the world today has Zumba classes[/su_box]
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