55 Reasons Why You Should Deadlift

14. Squats don’t have the same effect on the scapula and rotator cuff in terms of their stability and ability to withstand distraction forces. This makes deadlifting a great rotator cuff exercise, while requiring a lot from the lower body.

15. The most enjoyable things in life require triple extension from the hips, knees and ankles. In the most pure form, we could say deadlifts are Darwinian, rewarding those who have exceeded in developing strong hip extension capacity.

16. The endorphin release from 1 rep of deadlifts is on par with runner’s high, meaning you can get the same fix with 1/100 the amount of time investment, and you can wear way cooler clothes too.

17. I would argue with anyone that your lats are the most important muscle group in your body. Deadlifts work the hell out of them in multiple planes.

18. Every athlete can improve at almost every dimension of their sport by becoming better at deadlifting.

19. “My back is weak/sore” is a reason to do deadlifts, not a reason to avoid them.

20. No crunch could train the abs to work as hard or to become as hypertrophied as learning how to breathe and brace for a max pull.deadlift-front-anatomy

21. Your back gets shredded!

22. Every pushing movement requires hip extension, whether you believe it or not. Hence deadlifting can increase your bench press.

23. Women can deliver babies easier by having control of the creation of intraabdominal pressure, a strong pelvic floor, and can survive the rigours of delivery with fewer soft tissue injuries by having a strong deadlift prior to third trimester, and those who are very strong prior to conception will likely deliver a baby that slaps the hell out of the doctor and changes their own diapers. That’s science.

24. No matter how awesome you think you are, you need to deadlift with chains.

25. Growth hormone release is at its’ highest following maximal resistance training exercise that encompasses the greatest amount of muscle mass.

26. If you’re a guy who has trouble adding muscle, heavy deadlifts will help you out due to the testosterone and growth hormone alterations, which play on muscle hypertrophy.