55 Reasons Why You Should Deadlift

1. Back pain can stem from weak glutes.

2. Back pain can also come from weak spinal erectors that cannot maintain a specific position. Deadlifts train the spine to remain stable while exposed to stupidly high shear forces, and thus making you Superman.

3. Chicks dig guys with strong powerful glutes

4. Guys dig chicks with strong powerful glutes

5. (Some) guys dig guys with strong powerful glutes

6. (Way more) chicks dig chicks with strong powerful glutesdeadlift-1

7. Deadlifts are a total body exercise, working muscles from your toenails to your hair follicles.

8. It gives short guys a way to feel superior to tall guys.

9. It gives tall guys another reason to hate short guys.

10. No matter how many times you’ve done it, you can always do it better.

11. 2 words: Zercher Deadlifts

12. Very few people qualify to be able to do a deadlift as the required mobility from the hips, thoracic spine and ankles is incredibly high. This means I’ll be kept busy for a very long time teaching and fixing people who pull stuff like this.

13. Your testosterone will spike with each 1 rep max, roughly 13246% your regular walking around levels, which means you’ll be more likely to impregnate casual observers with nothing more than an icy stare, disrupt gang fights with your mere presence, and become the next supplier of Red Bull by bottling your urine.

14. Squats don’t have the same effect on the scapula and rotator cuff in terms of their stability and ability to withstand distraction forces. This makes deadlifting a great rotator cuff exercise, while requiring a lot from the lower body.

15. The most enjoyable things in life require triple extension from the hips, knees and ankles. In the most pure form, we could say deadlifts are Darwinian, rewarding those who have exceeded in developing strong hip extension capacity.

16. The endorphin release from 1 rep of deadlifts is on par with runner’s high, meaning you can get the same fix with 1/100 the amount of time investment, and you can wear way cooler clothes too.

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