5 Best Old School Chest Exercises

3x Mr. Universe and Team Cellucor athlete Calum von Moger came by the Muscle & Strength headquarters to demonstrate his favorite old school chest workout. Calum knows how to train for that big Golden Era chest – it’s part of the reason he’s earned the nickname Arnold 2.0.

Barbell Bench Press
Calum has been training with the flat bench barbell press since he first hit the gym. This big lift is important for increasing size and building new muscle fibers. By focusing on the quality of each movement and working in a hypertrophy rep range, you’ll add big size.barbell-bench-press

To reduce the risk of shoulder injury, keep constant tension throughout the lift and stop the bar about 1” off the chest to protect your rotator cuff.

Dumbbell Incline Bench PressIncline-Dumbbell-Bench-PressDumbbell bench press is essential for getting an isolated squeeze on each pec to increase muscle size. Set up with a slight incline (less than 45-degrees) to make sure you’re targeting the chest more than the anterior deltoids.

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