5-Butt-Toning Exercises

4) Split Squat Lunge with KneeSplit Squat Lunge with Knee

  • Another GREAT booty blaster, the split squat is super effective for sculpting the buns and adding the high knee pulls in some core and balance for you too.
  • Start with your right foot up on a chair or step – the lower the surface, the easier it will be to control. You can also hold the wall or railing next to you – I get a little wobbly when I’m really going for it, and it’s good to be able to stabilize your self.
  • Perform a lunge with the rear foot elevated. Very important on this lunge that you press through your HEEL to maximize the booty work. As with all of our lunges, we want to keep the chest up, and the knee in line with the front toe, as well as not going beyond it. If it is, just adjust your stance to be a bit wider.
  • Each time you come up from the lunge, bring your back foot forward into a high knee like I am. This will be challenging!
  • Do 30 seconds on each leg, and pace yourself – no need to rush. These are slow and controlled to bring your heart rate down after the box jump burpee.
  • You can try this without the high knee if you’re just starting out, or you can do the same move without the chair or elevation. It’s much easier to control from a lower position.

5) Point Extension on Your ToesPoint Extension on Your Toes

  • I do this all the time, it’s a ballet warm up I used to do. Position yourself beside a chair or railing or wall. Come up onto your right toes and swing your left leg out behind you. Bring it up to a knee crunch, bringing your torso down to meet it.
  • As you extend out from the crunch, straighten your upper body. With each leg extension you will change the direction you extend your leg: 1 is out to the side, 2 is right behind you, and 3 is toward your midline.
  • Modify this by removing the toe raise to help you with balance.