14 Exercises to Get Rid of Mommy Tummy

Half-Turkish Get Upturkish-get-up-1

Lie on your back with one leg bent and the other flat on the floor. Using either a dumbbell or a kettlebell, raise one arm straight above. Roll on the opposite side and prop yourself up onto your free arm’s elbow or hand while maintaining the arm with the weight overhead and your eyes focused on it. Pause for a few seconds then slowly reverse the motion back to starting position. Switch sides and repeat as many as possible without breaking form or your arms reaching fatigue.

Scissor Kicksscissor-exercise

Lie on your back, put the hands under the butt and keep the back straight against the floor or mat. Raise one leg off the floor and lower it back slowly. Simultaneously lift up the other leg.

Kettlebell Swing

Grab a kettlebell with both hands. Bend at the creases of your hips while keeping your back neutral from the neck down. Then pull the kettlebell towards you and hike it back between your legs. Again, neutral spine. Use your glutes and legs to swing the kettlebell back up to chest level. The spine must not overextend. Arms must not exert too much strength save for grip. Power will come from the legs. Rinse and repeat until you feel fatigue coming in.


Get to the pushup position. Lower your elbows perpendicular to your shoulders. Tighten your core, butt, and ensure a neutral spine. Get at least 30 seconds per plank set.

One Leg Push Up

Get to pushup position, hands shoulder width. Lift one leg up without over extending it towards your back. Keep it straight. Tighten your core and butt then perform one strict push up. Do 5 times per leg. Rest 30 seconds per set.