13 Chest Exercises For Building Powerful Pecs

1-Arm Incline Dumbbell Chest Press1-Arm Incline Dumbbell Chest Press

Tier: 2 Chest (Upper), Triceps, Front Deltoids

It’s a clone of the incline dumbbell chest press, except that you’re only using one dumbbell — that isolates all of the weight on one half of the body, which forces the given side to contract, balance, AND stabilize simultaneously. The combination produces an amplified contraction that tears up the upper pecs.

  1. Set a bench to a 45º incline. Grab one dumbbell and press it over the top half of your chest. Hold the bench with your other hand.
  2. Slowly lower the dumbbell until it’s parallel with your collarbones. Powerfully press it back overhead.
  3. While you’re moving throughout the movement, make sure to keep your torso straight — try not to lean to the side that you’re pressing on. Repeat for the opposite arm.

Decline Bench PressDecline Bench Press

Tier: 2 Chest (Outer, Lower), Triceps

The decline bench press is a compound exercise that hammers the lower, outer section of the chest. Because you’re on a decline, the triceps drive the barbell at the bottom of the movement.

  1. Lie on a decline bench with a loaded barbell. Your arms should be slightly wider than shoulder width. Keep you shoulder blades pinched back throughout.
  2. Slowly lower the barbell down to the lower part of your chest.
  3. Hold for .5s, contract your chest, explode through your triceps, and powerfully press the barbell straight up. Squeeze your triceps and pecs at the top.

Close-Grip Bench PressClose-Grip Bench Press

Tier: 2 Triceps, Chest (Middle)

The close-grip bench press primarily blasts the triceps, but it’s also a killer move to carve out a pronounced line down the center of the chest. Instead of using a wide grip, you’ll use a narrow grip.

  1. Lie on a flat bench with a loaded barbell. Tuck your elbows in so that they’re attached to your torso. Your hands should be slightly more narrow than shoulder width.
  2. Slowly lower the bar down to the lower half of your chest — keep your elbows pinned into your body.
  3. Powerfully contract your triceps and press the weight straight up. Squeeze your chest at the top.