12 Ways To Burn More Calories While Running

Running is one of the greatest, and cheapest ways to improve your cardiovascular health. You can find avid runners going for their daily run regardless of the temperature, or the conditions outside of their window. If you’ve been stung by the running bug, you’ve probably not only felt the physical benefits, but also experienced the mental ones. It can be a great time to escape from your stress, and completely lose yourself. But after a while, your body adapts to this form of exercise just like any other that you do on a regular basis. When that happens, it’s time to bust your running rut by increasing the intensity and furthering your fitness health. running_tips_for_losing_weight

Here are twelve great ways to burn some serious calories on your run:

  1. Sprints. You probably run at the same pace, which is not a bad thing. But if you want to burn extra calories, adding the occasional sprint will definitely accomplish that. Try adding 30-second sprints every few minutes while on your run. Make sure you give yourself enough recovery time after the sprint, before you do another one.
  2. Longer distances. If you always run the same three miles every day, try adding another half mile or so. The longer you run, the more calories you will burn.
  3. Hills. Does your current running route have hills or is it mostly flat? Running uphill may slow you down, but it won’t slow your heart rate one bit. Try to map out a new route that incorporates some hills. Plus, the change of scenery will be a fun change.sweat-is-fat-crying
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