12-Minutes Total Body Workout

You should do: 50 Seconds Work and 10 Seconds Rest

  1. One Legged BurpeesOne Legged Burpees

Start standing on your left foot, don’t let your right foot touch the ground throughout this entire interval.  Squat down, reaching your hands to the ground.  Hop your left foot back to come into a one leg plank.  Do 1 push-up, lowering your chest to the ground and pushing back up into plank.  Hop your left foot to your hands and then jump straight up.  Repeat.

  1. Reverse Pull Upreverse-pull-up

Laying in the middle of the dip station, reach up and grab the bars so that your palms face each other.  Engage your core and try to keep your body straight from your head to your knees (straighten your legs for advanced).  Squeezing your back muscles, pull yourself up so that your chest is almost at bar level.  In a controlled manner, lower yourself back to starting.

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