10 Best Butt Exercises for a Great Butt Workout

The best way to strengthen, lift, and tone your butt is to seek out the most innovative workouts, tailor-made to target your glutes in order to produce quick and visible results. But you don’t need to clock hours at the gym to achieve these results. The 10-Minute Best Butt Workout Challenge was designed to hit every angle of the three major gluteal muscles. Whether your goal is to tone, lift, or build muscle, this workout is designed to do all three. You may experience some soreness for the first few workouts. That simply means that you’re working all the right muscles. Continue to perform this routine twice weekly for four weeks, and then switch to another butt workout.


Equipment Needed: 
Interval Timer (Gymboss is a free app to download), yoga mat or soft surface, chair or step, set of medium dumbbells(8-12 lbs)
What to Do:
Review the exercises below. Perform each exercise for 1 minute and perform single butt exercises for 30 seconds each side. No rest in between workouts. Complete this workout twice a week. Looking for a bigger challenge? Complete more rounds.
Beginner’s Level:
Intermediate Level:
Advanced Level:
1 round
2 rounds
3 rounds


1. Plie Squat

2. Prisoner Squat


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