10 CrossFit Workouts without Equipment

Whenever Matt and I travel (we were just in Europe for 5 weeks this summer) we always try to come up with creative workouts for us to do if there isn’t a CrossFit gym near us. Last summer we were at my cousin’s farm in Minnesota and we did the workout “Chelsea” (similar to Cindy) on a grass yard using the clothesline pole for pull ups. We changed it up a little and did 5 rounds of 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, and 15 squats with a 100m sprint, but it is proof that there is NO EXCUSE to not get a good workout if you don’t have access to a CrossFit Gym or are traveling. That’s the amazing thing about CrossFit… there are no barriers to getting creative with it!

So here are a couple of my go-to favorites that use minimal equipment (almost every hotel gym at least has dumbbells) and give you an amazing workout (tried and tested). Use these for traveling or if you are at home and don’t have have barbells but still want to get a good workout in. I put Kalsu first because it’s my FAVORITE workout while traveling. Enjoy!

Kalsu with Dumbbells

100 dumbbell Thrusters for time. (35lb dumbbells for women, 50lb dumbbells for men). But at the beginning of every minute complete 5 burpees.Thrusters-dumbbell

Modifications: Change it to 50 total reps or decrease dumbbell weight.

Tip: Always stop your thrusters at the 50 second mark so that you can rest 10 seconds before the next round.

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